What sort of wood do you use, and how do they compare to other retailers?
> We use primarily Mahogany, Mindi, Teak and Suar wood in our designs. These are solid woods which not only look and feel great, but are very lasting as well. The finishing and treatment of the wood is done by our expert craftsmen in the factory, so you can rest assured that they would last you a long, long time!
Is your outdoor furniture really 100% suitable for the outdoors?
> Our outdoor furniture is made up of aluminium frame and the weaving is done with HDPE material made with state-of-the-art German technology. These are 100% suitable for indoors and outdoors. For models with cushions, however, most of the fabrics we use are weather-repellant. What this means is that you should try to keep the cushions indoors if it rains, but it is okay if drizzles cause rainwater to be splashed onto it as it would simply slide off the surface. We also offer 100% waterproof cushions, but they might not be suitable for all customers due to cost and comfort.
What if my cushions wear out after time?
> We sell replacements for both cushion covers and inserts; you can also purchase spares as well if you’d like!
Why are your prices so high?
> We pride ourselves on offering premium but value-for-money products. We encourage customers to shop around, as that is part of the fun in buying furniture for you beloved home! However, do take note to compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges. We believe that the quality of our products are worth way more than our price tags show!
Why are your prices so low?
> Yes, we get this question occasionally from savvy customers who have compared the quality of our products with the highest-end brands in the market, and are curious why the quality is similar but our prices are lower. We attribute this to a constant effort to keeping our overheads low while never compromising on quality!
Any special pricing for designers, projects, and other bulk order situations?
> Please feel free to email us or call us at 6862 0738 for a discussion of your requirements and needs!